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Our Grading Criteria

There is currently no agreed industry standard for how the condition of refurbished products gets graded. Not surprisingly, it can be confusing to know what to expect from your purchase when every refurbisher has their own way of grading devices. We are passionate about making things as clear as possible for our customers so that you can make an informed choice and feel confident buying from us. We hope to set the certified standard for refurbished devices by using a fully comprehensive grading system.

we’ve created a grading system that takes into account the age, functionality, cosmetic appearance, and overall condition of each device. There are four grades in total: Pristine, Very Good, Good and Pass are the categories we use for refurbished ex-corporate tech devices.

Grading A

Grade A: Case, Screen, palmrest and touch pad are as good as new, no scratches.

Grading B

Grade B: Case May show very small scratches imperceptible to the touch and invisible at more than 25cm. Screen, Keyboard and touch are also in perfect working condition.

Grading C

Grade C: Case may show very small scratches imperceptible to the touch and invisible at more than 50cm. Screen, Keyboard and touch may show very small scratches. I’m perceptible to touch

Grading D

Grade D: Case, screen and touchpad may show light scratches and relatively invisible signs of wear

Grading E

Grade E: Case may show visible scratches and/or small impacts to the touch. Screen may show relatively invisible scratches once screen is switched on.